When buying wedding professional photographer, there are three conditions you are more likely to hear: 35mm, moderate format and digital. They are the primary types of video cameras used for shooting wedding ceremonies. Jos Timmer is one of those Wedding photographers who remain arguing about which ones are best. This content is aimed to supply you with some details on each type.

Medium format

For an extended while it has been the very best option for shooting wedding ceremonies and the 1st sign to recognize a specialist wedding photographer. How big the film is 3 x bigger than that of a 35mm negative, leading to high resolution photos that could be beautifully enlarged. Nevertheless, the video camera and processing costs are very expensive. The primary advantage is the high res of negatives. Drawbacks include: high operating expenditures – so high that lots of wedding photography album businesses advise the professional photographer to limit the amount of photos he requires; the film could be dropped or destroyed during processing; slower to use.

35mm cameras

These cameras used to truly have a bad popularity for producing poor enlargements when compared to ones discussed before. However, the product quality has been considerably improved over the last few years and today these cameras are effectively utilized by many photographers, specifically those shooting a large number of photos at a marriage. Primary advantages: fast – easy to use, focus and shoot; considerably improved quality of enlargements – a lot of people can hardly inform the difference between a moderate format and a 35mm. Disadvantages: increasing charges for digesting the film; the film can once again be damaged or dropped.

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Last Modified: June 11, 2017