Devotion to cats isn’t a new phenomenon. The early Egyptians were fond of the feline friends a few went up to worshipping the cat-goddess Bast and mummifying their pet cats in order that they could combine their loyal owners at the afterlife.

Thousands of years after we’re still worshipping cats, although not to the exact same level as the ancient Egyptians did. Cats make excellent pets since they’re fairly self explanatory, bright and frequently very affectionate – it’s no real surprise that the cat is such a favorite pet, and you will find more than seven thousand of them in the United Kingdom alone.

When there’s a cat lover in your life and you’re searching for best gifts for cats with a cat motif, here are a couple of products that produce purr-fect gifts for cat lovers, all which are readily available to purchase online.

Cat Lovers Kit

The Cat Lovers Kit is a gift for the cat, as far as it’s a gift for the operator! The kit includes an range of things that both cat and owner can appreciate, such as a laser pointer, catnip, mouse toy bell and collar.

The Cat Lovers Kit is introduced in a neat small plastic pod, therefore all of its contents could be stored neatly together when not being used.

Hairy Cat Soap

The Hairy Cat Soap is cat-shaped and produced out of pure gentle soap, and it functions in much the exact same manner as ordinary soap. But if you choose it from its packaging and then don’t use it, then after a couple of days it develops hair.

It’s a weird little fascination, and a gift that will make any cat lover grin. Should you apply this Hairy Cat Soap to clean your hands with, the hair acquired grows back… but if the soap has been consumed, there’s a cute little surprise at the center: a very small plastic mouse!

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Last Modified: May 13, 2018