“SpeedBalling” is a phrase which could be recognizable to a lot of drug addicts, particularly those who experimented with numerous drugs. And as the word itself might seem like something out of a sports or even videogame such as baseball or perhaps bowling, it really describes blending one drug with a different or piggybacking them –typically a depressant and a stimulant. One of their very well-known combinations is heroin and cocaine. Many heroin addicts have tried combining cocaine using heroin to get the stimulating “joyful” and ecstatic feelings of euphoria associated with cocaine combined with the heating, relaxing feelings of heroin. Conventional SpeedBalling describes injecting both alcoholic and heroin at the same time but additionally describes snorting them together. And though the ultimate automatic effect is really a pleasurable sense of euphoria with heroin really making the rapid “wreck” of cocaine and craving for easier to bear, and the synergistic effect of utilizing both drugs together may also cause more inherent risks of perishing and other speedballing dangers.

William’s Expertise with SpeedBalling

William Charles admits that he has some prior experience with SpeedBalling throughout his times of using. Where cocaine never actually turned into an addiction for William nor his ultimate drug of choice, cocaine did supply him with what he described as “bursts of pleasure” that lasted between 15 to half an hour. William never accepted heroin or cocaine intravenously and just ever snorted it. William Charles never actually technically snorted cocaine and heroin together but with heroin already in his own system, William reported the “crash” that includes unwanted effects related to cocaine has been bearable to him so after having several bags of cocaine, he stopped and did not utilize anymore.

William admits he’d have any cravings for more cocaine however he did not believe it was unbearable and he believed he had been able to resist the craving. He clarifies this was since he already appreciated the euphoria that followed heroin so that he didn’t feel the requirement to maintain chasing the “joyful” feelings connected with cocaine.

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Last Modified: December 7, 2017